Tristia Legacy and Restore

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CV:Kawasumi Ayako

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The peppy 14-year-old female protagonist.

Nanoca is the granddaughter of the legendary inventor Prospero Flanka. She came to Tristia from the Imperial Capital with her A.I. companion Stuka on her grandfather's behalf to restore the city. What Nanoca lacks in common sense, she makes up for with innovative skill inherited from her grandfather. However, a tendency to leap before she looks makes her appear clumsy, and as a result, many of her talents have yet to fully develop. She can only hope that with her all-purpose hammer, Splendid Impact, in hand, she can use her grandfather's techniques to bring about a miracle in a city on the verge of collapse.


CV:Kosugi Jurota

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Nanoca's guardian A.I. wolf.

Stuka is one of many E-Technology masterpieces created by Nanoca's grandfather, the great inventor Prospero. He possesses a wolf-like appearance, a high level of intelligence, and an old-timer's tastes. Originally an autonomous combat weapon designed for undercover work on the battlefield, Stuka now spends his days as Nanoca's nagging but lovable companion. If Nanoca is ever in danger, he is sworn to protect her at all costs.


Nanoca's loyal mobile golem.
Height: 2.9 meters. Weight: 3.2 tons.

Tenzan is one of many E-Technology masterpieces created by Nanoca's grandfather, the great inventor Prospero. Like Stuka, he is a powerful weapon originally created for war, who now serves as Nanoca's loyal companion. He rarely speaks, except to acknowledge orders, and can otherwise only be understood by Stuka. Equipped with a matter conversion reactor, Tenzan has tremendous power and a lightweight, robust body made of E-Material steel. A gravity reversal unit on his back allows him to fly for short periods of time.


CV:Nogawa Sakura

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Nanoca's classmate from the Capital's Junior Academy.

Nene is the daughter of one of the five wealthiest families in the Capital. She arrives in Tristia in pursuit of her beloved friend, Nanoca, and supports her from behind the scenes while running the high-end restaurant Hampden's. In her heart of hearts, she hopes to take Nanoca back to the Capital as soon as possible. Calm, courteous, and pleasantly sociable, Nene is considered by others to be mature beyond her years.


CV:Ono Marina

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The young chairman of Tristia's Carat Trading Company.

Faury is an easygoing girl despite her stubborn tendencies. Her glamorous, model-like appearance and strong opinions can sometimes cause people to misjudge her, but deep in her heart she is compassionate towards those less fortunate. She also suffers from being dragged into all the trouble Nanoca causes.


CV:Hatamiya Kanoko

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The head priestess of Tristia's Llynant Temple.

Although the people of Tristia initially question Nanoca's abilities, Reygurett is quick to recognize her talents and become her number one fan. Reygurett has a rather frank personality for a member of the clergy, and is rarely troubled by small details. Her obsession with collecting offerings to repair the ramshackle local temple has led her to become more strict about money than most.


CV:Tomonaga Akane

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A mysterious girl found sleeping at the bottom of the sea.

Rafarew is a quiet person with little range in facial expression, making it difficult to tell what is on her mind. By a stroke of luck, she ends up helping at Nanoca's workshop. When she is not busy following Stuka's orders, she enjoys reading novels, which she calls a form of "social studies."