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The beautiful ocean city of Tristia. Nicknamed the "Jewel of the Sea," it has bustled with maritime trade since times of old...until recently. The dragon attacks 10 years ago stripped Tristia of its past beauty, and local efforts to revive it have yielded no results. The city has resigned itself to a fate of decay.


At his wit's end, Tristia's mayor calls upon legendary master craftsman Prospero Flanka, who is said to have revived many dying cities in his day. Yet, on the long-awaited day of Prospero's arrival, a lone girl disembarks at the harbor. It seems Prospero has sent his granddaughter, amateur crafter Nanoca Flanka, to restore Tristia in his stead.


Despite the locals' disappointment, Nanoca does not falter. Using the Prospero-style workshop techniques she has under her belt and guided by her innovation, she immerses herself in her work restoring the city. Will she be able to revitalize Tristia as it balances on the precipice of ruin? Can she raise the townspeople's spirits with her specialty inventions? Nanoca's restoration project has just begun!

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A super-technology left over from the extremely technologically advanced Paesiatic civilization, which flourished long before Nanoca was born. E-Technology derives its name from the E-shaped emblems engraved on many Paesiatic ruins. These emblems have also led to it sometimes being called by the purely contrived name Elementary Technology. Modern, normal-level technology is sometimes called N-Technology to distinguish it from E-Technology.


A versatile, all-purpose crystal with a composition and production method that are largely shrouded in mystery. Orichalcum is said to have formed the foundation of the technologically advanced Paesiatic civilization. Currently, it can only be obtained from rare discoveries in ruins and fetches a hefty price. High-purity orichalcum is even rarer and sells for exorbitant prices if it hits the market. As a result, it is highly sought after by adventurers, researchers, and nation states alike. All golems and machines that run on prehistoric technologies (E-Technology) utilize a form of orichalcum.

Prospero's Workshop Technique

A special technique for working with E-Technology created by Nanoca's grandfather, Prospero Flanka. This technique, which systematizes the super-technology of the prehistoric Paesiatic Period, effectively incorporates all manner of techniques across many technical genres from multiple eras and is currently considered the best method for working with E-Technology worldwide.

Planning & Production
Takeuchi Naoyuki / Noguchi Ryukei
Scenario writer
Takeuchi Naoyuki
Character design
Komatsu E-ji
Graphics supervision
Komatsu E-ji
Movie Production
KIZAWA studio

Voice Cast

Nanoca Flanka
Kawasumi Ayako
Kosugi Jurota
Faury Carat
Ono Marina
Nene Hampden
Nogawa Sakura
Reygurett Kutanie
Hatamiya Kanoko
Tomonaga Akane