Tristia Legacy and Restore

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Play as Crafter-inventor Nanoca who must restore the city of Tristia within a year. Will Tristia become the vibrant city it once was, or will it fall into disrepair? Everything depends on your hard work, which guides Nanoca's success.

Crafter-inventor Nanoca works to restore the city of Tristia by inventing items to sell to shops. As shops prosper from selling these items to local customers, new stores will open and Tristia will experience rapid growth.

Your duties also include constructing public facilities, fulfilling requests for new inventions and the revitalization of shops, and much more!

Inventing items Invent new items to amaze the local people!
There are more than 200 craftable items!

To invent items, you must research and craft.

Researching Items
You must first buy items at local shops in order to research them at the invention workshop. Once your research is finished, you will be able to create new items."

Crafting Items
After researching items, you can begin to craft. Buy materials for crafting from local shops or make them yourself.

Selling items Sell items to your favorite shops!
There are more than 30 types of shops!

Sell the items you invent to local shops, including inns, diners, carpenters, and wholesalers. Choose the shops you want to prosper and sell items exclusively to them.

However, your ability to sell an item depends on what it is and the purchasing shop's level. The key to restoring the city is to determine which shops will sell which items.

Shops prosper Sell items to your favorite shops!
Prospering shops lead to local development!

Shops will thrive if the items you sell them are profitable or if productivity increases as a result of better-performing equipment. When one shop thrives, the surrounding shops will also attract customers, and the area will rapidly develop.

Furthermore, a thriving shop can lead to the appearance of new shops. The items you sell and the original shop's prosperity level will help determine what type of shops appear.

Tristia flourishes Make the city strong!
Watch the map change as Tristia develops!

Tristia starts out divided up into five areas: Artisan Street, the Seafront Boardwalk, Tristia Central, West Street, and Tristia Harbor. Each area is characterized by certain traits, such as the types of people it attracts.

This is important to consider as you determine what to sell to certain shops and which areas to develop first. Tristia's successful recovery depends on how you play the game.

New areas will appear as the game progresses.