Tristia Legacy and Restore

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Crafter Nanoca, who has come to revitalize a town in decay, is bombarded with requests to invent and craft items. Fulfilling these time-sensitive requests forces her to use her head and often has her running frantically around the workshop.

Checking Requirements & Beginning Stages Each stage has certain requirements necessary for its completion.

Clear a stage by meeting all the requirements within the designated time limit. You may then proceed to the next stage and continue the story.

Checking Request Notes The workshop receives an endless stream of requests.

Check request notes or the recipe book for instructions on how to craft requested items.

Item Crafting Various materials can be retrieved from the material box.

Following recipes and retrieving the correct materials in order to craft items within request time limits is the key to success!

Delivering Crafted Items Requested items can be delivered via the submission box.

Delivering items will help you earn berques, Tristia's local currency. Use berques to upgrade your crafting tools and other equipment in your workshop for greater efficiency!